A series of three screen prints created for BCE exhibition, created for the 2018 Tel Aviv Illustration Week. Together with Eden Spivak and Inbal Ochyon, the exhibition explored the theme of time at Itay Noy’s Watchmaking Studio. Printing by Amber Lining.


My series of screen prints examined the ways in which nature can note the passing of time. The series, inspired by scientific-educational illustrations, searches for botanical, geological and astronomical clues in an attempt to decipher time. The series studies natural hints and evidence left by time, that with no mechanical equipment are visible to the naked eye - from several hours to hundreds of billions of years.



Tel Aviv Illustration

Week 2018

Created for

BCE Exhibition



A look into tree trunks reveals tree rings that form annually in every year of a tree’s life, as a flesh-born testimony to its growth. The differences in the rings’ width indicate the environmental conditions to which the tree was exposed during a given year. This way, the tree rings divulge its age and life line, going as far as thousands of years.

The periodical cycles of nature manifests themselves, among other places, in flora. Many plants and flowers have an internal biological clock. It allows the flowers open and close at fixed intervals, perfectly timed to the sun’s position in the sky. Inspecting botany this way, can therefore be used in telling time.